Designing Your Life: Worldview Interviews Bill Burnett

Bill Burnett, Director of Stanford's Design Program, interviewed by Worldview Stanford
© 2014 Worldview Stanford, The Science of Decision Making

Stanford’s Bill Burnett thinks that “following your passion” is terrible life advice.

This is the third in a series of posts showcasing original content from Worldview Stanford’s unique, online and on-campus course on The Science of Decision Making. View the previous post – The Challenges of Group Decision Making.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

We hear this question – in America, at least – from about the time we form the ability to speak. Even when we are, by all accounts, “grown up,” we still grapple with this issue. So how do we decide?

Bill Burnett, director of the Design Program at Stanford, teaches a course about exactly that. In the’s Designing Your Life course, students apply the Design Thinking method to solve this classically “wicked problem.” Watch this Worldview Interviews video to learn what that means and why you should reconsider turning your passion into your profession.

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