Farming Risk: Worldview Interviews Wally Falcon

Walter P. Falcon
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My brother and I own a small wheat farm in Oklahoma that my great-grandfather claimed during the Oklahoma Land Run. I have never driven a tractor and know nothing about farming.

I leave that to the father and son who lease our land. Yet that connection—and the paperwork I have to fill out from multiple government agencies—has encouraged me to try to understand U.S. agricultural policy. I remain baffled.

That’s why it is a relief to encounter Walter "Wally" Falcon, who knows firsthand the risky business and complexities of farming. Wally is Professor Emeritus of International Agricultural Policy and Economics at Stanford. He has spent more than 40 years working on food and development issues, mostly in Asia. He also played a leading role in the Green Revolution, which harnessed new research and technology to transform agricultural production throughout much of the developing world in the 1960s and 70s. He is an active farmer who raises corn and soybeans in Cedar Rapid, Iowa.

In this Worldview Interviews video clip, Wally describes how the combination of environmental risk and public policy interact to influence the behavior and choices of farmers. In short—it’s complicated!

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Wally Falcon: Farming Risk

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