The Science of Decision Making

The Science of Decision Making

How does the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral economics help us model, influence and improve decision making?

Course Starts May 18, 2015

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Course Description

The decision making system: Explore the neuroscience of decision making, and how cultural, developmental, contextual and emotional influences play out in our brains and shape our choices.

Influencing other people’s decisions: Understand how we use persuasion, incentives, choice architecture, and appeals to beliefs and values to influence the decisions of others.

Making better decisions: Tap into research and techniques to help you make more creative, reasoned, satisfying, and responsible choices—individually and in groups.

Modeling decisions on a mass scale: Investigate how economists and big data scientists model and predict how choices go viral, and what happens when millions of decisions scale to more than the sum of their parts.

Decision making in action: Learn the tradecraft of expert decision making from a wide range of professionals, including a clinical psychologist, a basketball coach, a venture capitalist, and a crisis communications expert.

Featured Experts

Learn from a variety of sources and Stanford experts, including:

William Newsome,

director of Stanford’s neuroscience institute and co-chair of President Obama’s BRAIN initiative

Lindred Greer,

decision process authority and Graduate School of Business Scholar

David Demarest,

head of public affairs at Stanford and former communications director for the White House, Visa, and Bank of America

Hazel Markus,

prominent social and cultural psychologist

Bill Burnett,

executive director of the Stanford Design Program and instructor

An Integrated Stanford Experience

Come to Stanford and connect with a wide range of Stanford experts, handle human brains, see pioneering lab research, collaborate on case studies, and meet The Thinker.

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July 7 - 10, 2015

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This course is limited to 40 participants.

Deadline: May 18, 2015

Want to make better decisions? First, find out how decision-making happens in your brain.

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What people are saying about Worldview Stanford

Peter Schwartz

We need a new 21st century literacy to build successful enterprises, craft public policy, and strengthen civil society. The well of relevant knowledge at Stanford is very deep, and Worldview’s broad, long-term perspectives will help decision makers prepare for an inevitably turbulent and uncertain world.

Peter Schwartz

Senior Vice President, Global Government Relations and Strategic Planning,

John Hennessy

Stanford University is committed to developing solutions to global challenges with partners in industry, government and philanthropy. Through Worldview Stanford, we hope to learn more about these challenges from the decision makers who face them every day, while sharing the best of our research and insights with leaders who can put them into action.

John Hennessy

President, Stanford University