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The Science of Decision Making


How does the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral economics help us predict, influence, and improve decision making?

10/18/17 - 10/19/17

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The Science of Decision Making

Monkey Porn Worldview investigates:

Social Valuation in Primates

Environmental Risk & Resilience

An Overview of Oceans Worldview illustrates:

Our Ocean Systems

Behind & Beyond Big Data

Privacy vs. Security Worldview interviews:

Jennifer Granick

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Our original and curated multimedia content provides a shared foundation. This provokes thoughtful discussions online and deepens the on-campus experience. Learning online accommodates the busy schedules of professionals who can access our materials on any device at any time. And the content remains available post-Stanford for further exploration and discovery.


1-3 Days at Stanford

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"Crisis Decision Making"

Interactive case studies with David Demarest, Stanford VP for Public Affairs.

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"Meet the Brain"

Hands-on introduction to the brain with neuroscientest Bill Newsome.

"A Taste of Climate Change"

Consider the impact of a changing climate on what we eat and drink.

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"The Psychology of Decision Making" panel and conversation

Engage with faculty from neurobiology, psychology, clinical psychiatry, and business.

"The Big Data Landscape" synthetic exercise

Synthesize your learning about the promise and perils of big data—and the key takeaways for your organization.

"Experience Virtual Reality" lab

Fly like a superhero at Stanford's Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL).

"Innovations in Transportation"

Learn how Ford is harnessing big data and simulating the cars of the future.

A unique way to connect to a broad range of remarkable people, among the participants, speakers, and Stanford resources, and enter into deep, meaningful conversations about things that matter.

Christian Crews, Kalypso Consulting

Meet Interdisciplinary Experts

Bill Newsome,

PhD, Professor and Director of Stanford’s Neuroscience Institute, co-chair of President Obama’s BRAIN initiative
Neurobiologist focusing on vision, cognition, and decision making

Pamela Matson,

PhD, Professor and Dean of the School of Earth Sciences
Environmental scientist specializing in sustainability and climate change

Sharad Goel,

PhD, Assistant Professor of Management Science and Engineering
Computational social scientist studying politics, media, and social networks