Newer Money

Date: 4/3/17 New Episode

It's been a minute since we've checked in on the world's favorite cryptocurrency – Bitcoin! And man oh man is there a lot of upheaval in Bitcoin-land. The price is soaring, the SEC is debating, and other crypto-coins are on the move. MORE

Propaganda Armies

Date: 2/24/17

When you think about a propaganda army, what do you imagine? Personally, I picture a dark, windowless room with rows of government workers dressed in gray uniforms, folding pamphlets and rolling up giant posters in unison. It’s like a weird hybrid scene from the last Harry Potter book and every dystopian novel ever written. But today’s propaganda armies look a little different.MORE

A New Day in Hollywood

Date: 1/30/17

There are massive changes underway in Hollywood – and a lot of the disruption is being driven by big data. In this week’s episode, we’re taking a deep dive into the ways companies like Netflix and Amazon are mounting a threat to the traditional studio powerhouses (think Disney, Sony, etc.)MORE

Steven J. Berger, Michael D. Smith, Todd Holloway

Attention is Money

Date: 12/20/16

Statistically speaking, there’s only about ten seconds left before you switch tabs and navigate away from reading this. Often it can feel nearly impossible to stay focused on one single thing when we’re online.MORE

Data Confidential

Date: 12/13/16

“Hey – I have something important to share with you. Classified information that the public has a right to know about. But if anyone finds out I’m the one who leaked this information, I’m putting myself, my career, and my family at risk.”MORE

Gold or Pyrite?

Date: 11/29/16

Welcome to Season 2 of Raw Data! We’re kicking off our second season by exploring a big question: Just how valuable is our data, really? Is the big data revolution just getting started, or are we in a sort of data bubble that could soon burst? Are we data mining for gold...or pyrite?MORE