Upon Reflection: Season 1

Date: 5/24/16

We’ve reached the end of Season 1 of Raw Data! (Don’t worry, there’s a second season coming soon.) In this episode, producers Mike and Leslie break from the usual format, and sit down in studio for a conversation with Worldview Director Brie Linkenhoker. They reflect on the big ideas, issues, and questions that cut across Season 1, especially as it relates to how our everyday decisions – both big and small – are increasingly being shaped by data and algorithms.MORE

Episode 11: So... What's On Your Mind?

Date: 4/5/16

Language is a window into our minds. So with all the digital text trails we're creating these days, what can we learn about our inner psychology, mental health, and well-being? In this episode: how Twitter language correlates with heart disease, what insights can be captured in crisis counseling text conversations, and a glimpse of the future of therapy.MORE

Episode 10: Love

Date: 3/21/16

LOVE!! Why is it so hard to find?! The seemingly endless options of online dating should make it easy, right? Is there data that can predict lasting love? Argh!! Maybe we just haven’t digitized the right information yet? Who knows. So many questions.MORE

Jon (friend of Leslie), Michal KosinskiChristian RudderMichael RosenfeldAmanda BradfordMartie Haselton, Amanda (friend of Mike)

Episode 9: The Digital Afterlife

Date: 3/3/16

What happens to our data when we die? Digital estate planning is becoming an increasingly important topic, though many of our laws have not yet caught up. These days, we leave behind entire histories of our lives online, which can hold both monetary and sentimental value for our family and friends. Through the lens of death, we can also begin to appreciate the value of our digital histories for civil society more broadly.MORE

Episode 8: All the News That's Fit to Feed

Date: 2/11/16

How do you get your news – and how do you think your news gets to you? The pathway of information flow involves layers of decisions that in many ways are opaque. So are we achieving the universal access to all knowledge that the early Internet idealists had hoped for, or are we increasingly seeing the world through filters that we're not even aware of?MORE

Episode 7: The Big Data of Nature

Date: 1/27/16

As we hear over and over again, environmental issues are mounting, and the stakes are huge. So how might big data be used to tackle the issues of sustainability, climate change, habitat loss, and species extinction? And even more than that, can it offer us new ways of engaging in a relationship with nature?MORE