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04/27/17 - 04/27/17
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Exploring The Brain
Whether it’s pleasure or pain, hope or regret, memories of things past or planning for the future, the workings of the human brain underpin what we do and experience. Find out what we are learning from modern neuroscience about the structure and activities underlying decision making.

Understanding Behavior
Our decisions are influenced by beliefs and biases, mood and age, context and culture. Understand what we are learning about how these variables shape our decisions.

Examining Influence
Every day, we try to influence the decisions of others, from families and colleagues to customers and leaders. Learn how we use persuasion, incentives and choice architecture to nudge people towards decisions we want them to make.

Improving Decision Making
We all want to make better decisions—on our own, and as members of teams or organizations. Explore approaches to better decision making that engage analytical reasoning, improved communication and team dynamics, and reliance on values.


Discover what researchers are learning about decision making from a variety of disciplines (e.g., economics, neuroscience, engineering, psychology, etc.) and what the future might hold.

Synthesize the different approaches to understanding decision making across disciplines and their implications for individuals, organizations and society.

Apply new principles, research, and skills to your professional and personal decision making, from choice architecture to crisis communication and decision analysis to design thinking.

Start online...

Watch, read and listen to our multimedia content at your own pace: video interviews, infographics, podcasts and articles. Encounter a wide range of disciplines including economics, psychology, neuroscience, engineering, business, law and more.

Sample Media From The Science of Decision Making

Groupthink Decisions Worldview interviews:

Lindred Greer

Why We Buy Worldview illustrates:

Our Buying Habits

The Heart of Decision Making Worldview interviews:

Ron Johnson

...then come to Stanford.

Come to campus for 1 full day of immersive hands on learning. Engage with Stanford experts, from the chair of President Obama's brain initiative to virtual reality researchers. Meet local innovators engaged in mindfulness management improvisation and more.

Experts You’ll Meet

Bill Newsome,

PhD, Professor and Director of Stanford’s Neuroscience Institute, co-chair of President Obama’s BRAIN initiative
Neurobiologist focusing on vision, cognition, and decision making

David Demarest,

Vice President of Public Affairs, Stanford
Communications expert formerly at Visa, Bank of America, and the White House

Hazel Markus,

PhD, Professor of Psychology and co-director of SPARQ
Social and cultural psychologist researching the shaping of mind and self

A unique way to connect to a broad range of remarkable people, among the participants, speakers, and Stanford researchers, and enter into deep, meaningful conversations about things that matter.

Christian Crews, Independent Consultant